Be Our Skill Gap Filling Training Centre in IT Sector

We introduce ourselves as National Skill India Mission (Nsim), a branch of Bharat Sevak Samaj, National Development Agency promoted by planning commission, Govt. Of India to ensure public co-operation for implementing government plans.

Our Role In a Nutshell

A candidate might have acquired a particular skill by experience from a workshop or from a Training Centre or by some other means. But he/ she will not be able to do the job  in the proper way,  only because of not having all the required skills for that particular job. . Here comes our importance. Our skill gap training centres assess the skills already possessed by the candidates and give gap filling training to the informally skilled people to  bridge the gap in the skill sector demands for that particular job role. After bridging the gap, we issue a skill assessment record to them based on the skill test evaluation. These Assessment report can be used by the candidates as an additional tool for jobs in industries. . 


• Application Developer
• Application Support Analyst
• Applications Engineer
• Associate Developer
• Chief Information Officer (CIO) 
• Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 
• Cloud Architect
• Cloud Consultant
• Cloud Product and Project Manager
• Cloud Services Developer
• Cloud Software and Network Engineer
• Cloud System Administrator
• Cloud System Engineer
• Computer and Information Research Scientist
• Computer and Information Systems Manager
• Computer Network Architect
• Computer Programmer
• Computer Systems Analyst
• Computer Systems Manager
• Customer Support Administrator
• Customer Support Specialist
• Data Center Support Specialist
• Data Quality Manager
• Database Administrator
• Desktop Support Manager
• Desktop Support Specialist
• Developer
• Director of Technology
• Front End Developer
• Help Desk Specialist
• Help Desk Technician
• IT Analyst
• IT Coordinator
• IT Director
• IT Manager
• IT Support Manager
• IT Support Specialist
• IT Systems Administrator
• Java Developer
• Junior Software Engineer
• Management Information Systems Director
• .NET Developer
• Network Administrator
• Network Architect
• Network and Computer Systems Administrator
• Network Engineer
• Network Systems Administrator
• Programmer
• Programmer Analyst
• Security Specialist
• Senior Applications Engineer
• Senior Database Administrator
• Senior Network Architect
• Senior Network Engineer
• Senior Network System Administrator
• Senior Programmer
• Senior Programmer Analyst
• Senior Security Specialist
• Senior Software Engineer
• Senior Support Specialist
• Senior System Administrator
• Senior System Analyst
• Senior System Architect
• Senior System Designer
• Senior Systems Analyst
• Senior Systems Software Engineer
• Senior Web Administrator
• Senior Web Developer
• Software Architect
• Software Developer
• Software Engineer
• Software Quality Assurance Analyst
• Support Specialist
• System Architect
• Systems Administrator
• Systems Analyst
• Systems Designer
• Systems Software Engineer
• Technical Operations Officer
• Technical Specialist
• Technical Support Engineer
• Technical Support Specialist
• Telecommunications Specialist
• Web Administrator
• Web Developer
• Webmaster

Based on our recent survey, we found that there are numerous skilled human resourses all around India who are incapable to earn a living as they lack a document to prove their abilities. In such a scenario, it is quintessential to mobilize such skilled resources under an umbrella to assess their skills and certify them. On the basis of our studies regarding the above, we came to know that certain institutions marvell in IT Sector who are capable to mobilize and assess such resourses inorder to uplift them as skilled youth.

Trustworthy and liable training partners are required to tie up with us..........

What the Institutions have to do

yes There are thousands of skilled candidates in IT fields in India, without holding any skill certificate. They have to mobilize such candidates.
yes Assess the skill acquired by them.
yes Compare it with the required skill.
yes Train them so as to fill the skill gap.
yes Again assess them to verify whether the required skill is now acquired.
yes Details of the candidates are to be forwarded to us.


Qualification Summary For Candidates

Formal educational qualifications are not needed for the candidates.

For getting Affiliation as our skill gap filling training centre, register here


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FOR MORE DETAILS :  0471 4014800, 0471-2721600, 0471-2721400


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